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Enchantment and magic, love and passion: the honeymoon is not just any old holiday, but more a moment in time dedicated to newlyweds as they begin their life together. With some careful planning and assistance from our staff at Barbaccia, your dream experience in  some of the most beautiful and exotic corners of the world awaits!
We are at your disposal in Palermo and Bolognetta to help you choose the honeymoon you and your partner have always dreamt about. We offer honeymoon packages to some of the most beautiful places in the world: from Brazil to the Seychelles, Egypt to Greece, China to Hawaii, and also Kenya, the United States, Thailand, Zanzibar, The Maldives,  Caribbean and Polynesian islands ... there is so much to choose! You can opt for a tropical island paradise with luxurious facilities- perfect for diving in crystal clear waters, or embark on an adventure to visit the great American national parks. Or what about a trip to some of the most fascinating cities of the East, to explore ancient ruins and temples? With our packages the world really is your oyster. Let's plan every detail of your honeymoon together, so you can rest assured your honeymoon will be hitch-free and full of lifelong happy memories.

To find out more about our honeymoon packages please email us at info@autoservizibarbaccia.it
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