Tour of Sicily

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Sicily is known for being one of the most beautiful regions in Italy: a place where art, culture, history and natural wonders combine, creating an infinite number of opportunities for those who want to discover them. Barbaccia Viaggi e Turismo in Bolognetta offers a range of solutions for trips and tours in Sicily, including visits to islands such as the Aeolian Islands, the Egadi, and the Pelagie. Our travel packages are rich in detail and can be personalised to suit your exact needs. Plan your tour of Sicily with us and visit the most beautiful cities from Syracuse to Catania, Palermo to Ragusa; Discover the enchantment of the baroque in Val di Noto or the Magna Grecia of the Valley of the Temples, the testimonies of the Arabs and Normans, the enchantment of Etna, Erice, Taormina, the Zingaro Reserve, up to Lampedusa and Pantelleria ... every corner of Sicily is an opportunity for discovery. With great accommodation options from beautiful hotels, to farmhouses and more we can arrange the holiday of a lifetime for you in Sicily. Build a personalised travel package to suit your needs, talk to our specialist team of travel agents today and plan an unforgettable holiday experience.
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