Rural tourism

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Rural tourism, or Agritourism, allows a unique holiday experience: a stay in close contact with nature. And in Sicily that means the possibility of living next to its beautiful seas, in its breathtaking mountains and hills and among the most beautiful and hidden corners of its hinterland. Barbaccia Travel and Tourism in Palermo and Bolognetta boasts longstanding partnerships with some of the most exclusive agritourism destinations on the island, all ready to welcome couples and families for unique holidays. Here you can enjoy a relaxed daily rhythm, away from the stress of the city, yet tailor-made.  Plus, there are plenty of opportunities to explore outside the well-known and crowded circuits, to rediscover the intimate bond that unites man with the land.
Choose Barbaccia Viaggi e Turismo and discover a range of proposals dedicated to the world of rural tourism; Browse our catalogue of complete agritourism packages from seaside resort stays to resorts with full sports facilities with swimming pools, from the possibility of going to Horseback riding and cycling on the countryside to enjoying the most beautiful beaches on the island. Say goodbye to the frenzied and stressful rhythms of  city  life with our unique agritourism packages. Your holiday awaits!
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